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Why professional consultants choose Verama

Verama connects consultants with clients seeking talent. With thousands of companies already using Verama, and growing every day, the platform meets the needs of all that sign up.

One of the reasons consultants choose Verama is the advanced matching accuracy. As soon as assignments are published, the system identifies perfect matches and sends notifications directly to consultants that have registered a profile. Verama is designed with the future of the consultancy business in mind, providing a steady flow of new assignments.

Discover opportunities available within the public and private sectors

On Verama, assignments from public organisations, startups, enterprises, and a wide variety of listed companies are published on a daily basis. The opportunities available for consultants are endless, and the selection process is swift and efficient.

Apply immediately with a complete profile

Once your profiles are registered and completed, no other documentation is needed to begin applying for assignments. Peruse the numerous matches and narrow in on those that spark your interest. A few clicks later, the client is notified about your application and has access to your consultants’ profiles.

Identify consultants’ strengths to ensure relevant matching

Verama’s matching process incorporates your consultants’ knowledge, experience and Workstyles. This process ensures that consultants' strengths, on several levels, are key factors when being selected for various assignments.

Work styles is a way to match an individual to an assignment, based on personal characteristics such as analytical thinking, leadership and attention to detail.

Let the clients find you!

Remaining active in Verama is encouraged as an updated profile will ultimately speak for itself. Although less active profiles will continually promote your consultants, your chances of landing the perfect assignments are enhanced with greater involvement.

Verama promotes a boost in career development

Success is a two-way street. In order for the assignments to work out, both the consultants and the clients must click. When taking into account Workstyles, a safer and more sustainable consultancy is almost guaranteed. Verama’s in-depth matching process is a key factor in enabling growth within any consultancy, and for clients to discover new talent.

Verama connects consultants with clients seeking talent. Find interesting assignments, co-operate more efficiently and use smart solutions that empower your business.

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