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The consultant platform of the future is here

Being registered on a consultant portal only tied to a single company isn’t necessary for consultants anymore. Instead of being affiliated with multiple different consultant portals – join an independent consultant platform where many customers add assignments you can apply to with a few clicks.

Everything in one single place

Being a consultant, you know how time-consuming it is to log onto several consultant portals to see what new assignments have arrived. On a consultant platform like Verama, customers and consultant brokers publish their positions directly, which means you get immediate contact with the actor who needs your services.

Thus, you don’t need to take detours to the assignments, and you can also make sure that you know when a new position is submitted. Instead of discovering five different consultant jobs on several consultant portals, you’ll find many of those assignments gathered in the consultant platform. 

Find assignments at attractive companies quickly through the platform

Unlike a consultant portal, an independent consultant platform opens up for all types of consultant buyers to search for new talents. It becomes the natural go-to-place for consultant buyers that want to get matched with the best consultants out there. One of the reasons why you should register on Verama is because many sought-after public organizations, as well as startups, and other companies post vacant assignments there – and more organizations will continuously get added to the platform.

You will never be redirected to another site to be able to apply for an assignment. After you've applied for an assignment, the customer gets connected with your profile. An updated profile helps you never miss out on available consulting jobs in your industry. 

Get matched with customers and assignments

Most people know that it’s not only hard skills that make you a successful consultant. Certain personality traits increase your chances of landing a good consulting assignment. Therefore, the profiles in a consultant portal are usually not sufficient.

In a smart consultant platform, personality, experience, and knowledge are equally important. By finding your top soft skills, they are translated into data to be able to match you with customers and assignments where you will thrive. You thereby increase the chance of finding consultant jobs that fit you, and you can focus on assignments that can be crucial for your personal development.

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