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Never miss a new consulting assignment on Verama

Do you find it hard to keep track of when a new consulting assignment appears? Here are some useful tips on how to get full control of available and interesting assignments on Verama.

Have an updated profile

Take a few minutes to fill out your consultant profiles correctly. Upload resumes, and let Verama help map your skills and experiences. The system adjusts according to your actions in order to provide you with relevant information and notifications on available assignments. Here are some parts you should always include in your profiles:

  • Name and contact information
  • Experience and qualifications
  • City and region
  • Availability
  • Workstyles

To further highlight your company’s strengths, have your consultants complete Workstyles that will show their own personal characteristics. This will render you more relevant assignment suggestions.

Fill in your preferences

By adding filters to find assignments you’re interested in, and subscribing to new positions, you will know about new opportunities as soon as they get published on the platform. This way, you’ll also increase the chance of finding and landing a contract that you otherwise would miss.

Let Verama know what you’re interested in

Since one of the main perks with Verama is the fact that tons of assignments are published on a daily basis, you should remember to visit the platform regularly to stay up to date. By selecting and reading about interesting listings, you also help Verama to suggest assignments that match your profile, making it easier to find suitable positions for your consultants.

Build a strong profile and get found

Since Verama is a B2B tool that matches your consultants with potential companies, the specialised search functions are tailor-made for this particular purpose. If you’ve built strong profiles with information about your consultants skills and Workstyles, there’s a good chance they will match with attractive companies and assignments.

Verama makes it easy for you as a consulting company to keep track of available jobs for your consultants. Verama is not only an efficient tool for finding assignments, but also acts as a complement to social media such as LinkedIn.

Register on Verama now, and follow these tips to never miss out on an interesting consulting assignment again.

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