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Grow your business. More end-clients on Verama.

Ework Group launched Verama with the ambition of creating an independent marketplace for consulting services where the traditional business of Ework Group is just one out of many different buyers.

Since the launch of the platform most job requests have been posted by Ework Group. However, during 2021 many other buyers have implemented the Verama platform within their own organizations and many buyers are now also posting requests under their own brands.

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In 2020 it was almost only Ework Group logos on the platform but in recent times we have also seen logos from Polismyndigheten, Tietoevry, Vattenfall and many other buyers on the platform. This transparency is an important step in the development of Verama since it allows buyers to work with employer branding, even if its for the B2B market, at the same time as consultants wants to know to which clients they are offering their services – says Daniel Asvelius, CDO at Ework Group.

Ework Group has traditionally been focused on delivering services, not products, to its clients. As the surrounding world is going digital Ework Group has now also added a product portfolio, based on the Verama platform, to its offerings.


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We see an increase in demand for all of our offerings since more and more organizations are now utilizing consultants as part of their workforce. For the Verama platform we see an even stronger increase in demand since those organizations are now also looking for tools to find and manage their consultants. The Verama platform gives them precisely that, but also in combination with a marketing leading database with information about the consultant market – says Hampus Norén, head of supplier relations at Verama.

Verama can be compared with a combination of an HR-system, recruitment platform and job page – but with the focus only on B2B consultants. The platform can be bought separately from other Ework Group offerings which mean that buyers can choose if they want to continue working with their framework suppliers, if they want to find new suppliers or if they want to post their requests to the open market. What does this change mean for suppliers?

Regardless of if we look at the market for real estate, used cars, music or taxi rides, there is always a technical platform, a marketplace, that takes a key position in the market. I’m convinced that the same structure will reach the consulting market. For the consultants that means that they will take an active role in the marketplace to leverage their skills. For those consultants there will be a wide variety of exciting and well-paid assignments from lots of different clients to choose from. Verama is focused on taking that position as the marketplace for consulting services. We now see that consultants and buyers are joining the platform at a faster rate than before – says Daniel Asvelius, CDO at Ework Group.

The work of improving the platform continues during next year. Some examples of new areas to be addressed in 2022 are better market information also for suppliers, a European register of consulting companies, enhanced ability for consultants to market their services to buyers and extended possibilities for buyers to position themselves as attractive buyers.

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