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How a test in Verama can help you identify your primary soft skills

Your combination of soft skills and hard skills is unique – but are you aware of the soft skills that make you stand out? By finding these, you can distinguish yourself from other consultants and find better assignments. All it takes is that you perform a test in Verama.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are your personality traits, and abilities you have, such as the power of initiative, or how you handle analytical thinking. Hard skills are tangible abilities, like programming languages, software programs, or what training you have completed.

Soft skills show another side of you. Something that can prove to be meaningful in regards to how well you handle an assignment, and other situations you face on the job.

Why are soft skills relevant to me as a consultant?

There are certain qualities that most customers look for in all consultants, but it’s important to understand that it’s the combination of soft skills that’s interesting. This combination shows how well you will fit into a specific role. To be able to display hard skills, for example a certain education, is simple. However, what really shows how successful you would be in an assignment is your combination of soft skills. 

There are particular hard skills you need to handle some assignments. But personal qualities are a crucial complement to find out who’s best suited for the job. As a result, you get assignments you like, that stimulate you, and where you can thrive.

How do I find my primary soft skills?

Through interviews, you’re able to map out soft skills that stand out, but we recommend tests since it provides the highest validity. Personality tests usually come at the end of a recruitment process, but in Verama you can perform these tests by yourself for free.

Begin by setting up a user account in Verama. The tests are available in your profile, and you can take them at any point. Verama cooperates with a test supplier that offers two different tests, one cognitive test called Matrigma, and MAP that relates to personal abilities. Both tests are well-established and based on research, which gives a reliable result.

Keep this in mind before you begin the tests

These are in-depth tests that take some time to finish. Make sure you have plenty of time, and that you can do them undisturbed. After you complete the test, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your results – but that is only visible to you. It is imperative to know that just your top soft skills get presented on your public Verama profile.

The result will be useful to you going forward and can prove very valuable when selling yourself to customers in future interviews. A bonus is that you probably also will experience an increased knowledge about who you are after completing these tests!

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