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Verama’s unique 5-step approach to finding the perfect assignment

Verama connects consultants with clients seeking talent. By taking into account your consultants competences and Workstyles, Verama makes it easy to find new assignments, allowing you to grow your business.

Your next assignment is only a few steps away

Regardless of the number of profiles you wish to register for your consultancy, Verama makes it easy for you. The platform is designed to ensure a smooth and time-efficient process for you to start applying for new assignments. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

1. Register

Follow the prompts to fill in the necessary information. The more information you provide, the greater likelihood of multitudinous client-consultant matches. And yes, Verama is free of charge.

2. Complete the self-assessments

The self-assessments are necessary to ensure that prospective clients receive complete profiles of your consultants. Clients are looking for competency, but also unique skills that may offer more than qualifications and experience. These Workstyles are often the determining factor that sets a profile apart from others.

3. Matching job descriptions with profiles

Matching your consultants’ profiles with potential clients’ profiles, is congruent to both parties. When adding Workstyles along with the consultants’ qualifications, matches have a high probability of being successful.

4. Be active and show interest

Help Verama find perfect assignments for your consultancy. Advanced algorithms allow Verama to track activity and use this data to accurately match your consultants with available assignments. With thousands of assignments already available, along with the steady, daily growth of the platform, the opportunities are endless.

5. Apply to all interesting assignments

Due to the advanced matching system, you are encouraged to apply to any opportunity that seems like a good fit. Make sure all information is filled in and give it a go. Some clients may require follow-up questions which are specific to the assignment.

Why choose Verama? Verama is developed with the future of the consultancy business in mind. By registering with Verama, you are opening the doors to a much greater range of consultancy assignments, all within one platform.

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