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Use Verama to find new consulting assignments today

Are you looking for new consulting assignments? Verama matches leading companies and consultants seeking new opportunities to grow their business. New projects are posted every day by thousands of companies already using the platform.

A wide range of available consulting assignments

On Verama, you will discover a wide range of consulting assignments. In essence, a central platform to find jobs for all your consultants, regardless if they are at a junior or senior level. The many different types of assignments means you have a greater opportunity to expand your business.

Quickly find new assignments

Verama is powered by Ework Group that has extensive experience with leading clients that are ready to hire the best suited consultants on Verama.

Get started today

Registering with Verama is free of charge. The platform is designed to simplify the process of creating profiles, through suggestions and interpretation of uploaded resumes. Our system learns what assignments are of interest to you and advanced algorithms improve accuracy to find your consultants the perfect assignments.

Be the first to discover new assignments

At Verama, all assignments are first-hand, available to you the minute they are published. Applying is therefore just a few clicks away, using the profiles you’ve already set up for your consultants. With Verama you will never miss a new assignment again.
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