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Ework's Supplier Portal becomes Verama

The consultant portal Supplier Portal now becomes part of the consultant platform and marketplace Verama. In short, for you as a consultant, this means it becomes easier for you to find assignments. In Verama, you look for assignments, and consultant buyers look for you. With the help of the built-in matching process, the probability of a good match increases. Welcome to the consultancy industry of the future!

What is Verama?

Ework decided to create Verama since there was an apparent need – both from consultants and customers – for a united marketplace for the consultancy industry. Verama is a consultant platform for both freelancers and major consulting companies. No individual industry is in focus, and assignments for IT consultants, doctors, and project managers will all be here. Ework thus broadens its offering, from obtaining consultants to including a technology solution for more players in the consultancy industry.

How is Verama different from the Supplier Portal?

Verama is not only a supplier portal but also an independent marketplace for consulting assignments. Various kinds of organizations are present in Verama, so you find assignments from other players than Ework. Positions for both junior and senior consultants in all industries are here. Connected players are public organizations, enterprises, and startups, so you will most likely find assignments that are the right fit for you!

If you have already registered in Ework’s Supplier Portal, all you have to do is approve the new terms to start using Verama. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free, it only takes a minute.

A standalone platform for both suppliers and customers

Verama is a smart platform – just as valuable for suppliers as customers. Verama’s combination of services offers a unique position on the market where you, as a consultant, can communicate with large consultant purchasers, and customers can reach the entire market. The goal is to become an indispensable marketplace in the consultancy industry, which is also why players other than Ework exist in Verama.

Read more about all the advantages of the platform here, and why you as a consultant should register in Verama.

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