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4 tips for finding consulting assignments that suit your business

Keeping your consultants busy with various assignments is crucial when running a consultant company. But looking through lists of possible assignments on various sites to find relevant matches can be time consuming. By following our four tips, you will increase the chances of finding consultant jobs that match your company’s profile and help reach your quotas.

1. Register your profiles on the right site

By registering on a freelance platform you only need to log in once to access hundreds of interesting assignments. Verama is such a platform that connects consultants with clients seeking talent.
There is always an extensive selection of available assignments making it easy to keep your consultants busy. New assignments and hiring companies are also continuously added to the platform, with on average 300 new assignments added every week.

2. Create a complete profile

When you register your consultants on Verama, it’s important to share a thorough description of what you deliver. Having complete profiles will increase your chances of finding consultant jobs that fit your company and your available consultants. In order to increase the chance of finding suitable assignments, it is important to look beyond your hard skills. You can do this by having your consultants complete Workstyles, a self-assessment tool.

3. Be as active as possible

A smart platform is there to provide you with information that is relevant to your company. You will receive more targeted assignments if you are more active on the platform, since its algorithms will get to know your company, your skills and your interests.

4. Review your presentations

As you add information on the platform, you build up a professional presentation of your company and your consultants. This will help you to find consultant jobs that are suitable to your experiences and personality traits. The information you provide will be used to match you with consultant jobs in the future.

By following these four tips, you will increase the chances of finding available assignments that personally suit you and your team. Expand your business opportunities today by using Verama!

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