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Qualities you need to land a new consulting assignment

Do you want to increase your company's chances of landing new consulting assignments? Keeping your consultants' profiles updated with their qualifications and experience is of course important, but it’s just as essential to showcase what Workstyles they have, adding to their efficiencies as consultants. Here are three qualities that can help set your company apart, ensuring you win contracts.

1. Display a willingness to share and convey knowledge

Most companies look for consultants that can share knowledge and experiences from other companies and industries, increasing their own competitive advantage. Having this mindset, while focusing on your client’s continued success will deliver value that in some cases weighs heavier than your recognised competences.

By sharing
these insights, your consultants will exceed expectations. This will improve your company’s reputation as a valuable partner, increasing your chances of getting both new and recurring assignments in the future.

2. Prepare for the consulting job you have applied for

As a consulting firm, you probably have amassed a great deal of experience that looks great on paper. However, it is also important that you adapt your strengths to meet potential client needs. Familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the company. For instance, make sure to know the company's history, goals, and market position

Bring forth what you can contribute to the client, apart from just experience and knowledge. Showcase your consultants' Workstyles and present how these will be desirable for the client, such as integrity, attention to detail, and analytical thinking.

3. Empower your consultants with self-leadership and action

Your clients will greatly appreciate if your consultants can enter an organisation and be productive from day one. Unlike company employees, there’s no time for extensive onboarding processes.

Empower them with social skills and self-leadership to ensure they are quick to take on tasks and challenges, get to know their new colleagues, and find out how they can best be of service to the client.

Additional advice

Make sure you know what your consultants need on an individual level to do a great job. This will increase your chances of choosing the right consultant for the job, and ensure a successful assignment.

With Verama, consultants are always matched on experience, knowledge, and Workstyles. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by continuously developing your consultant’s profiles, highlighting what you bring to the client. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for available consulting jobs in your industry on Verama - you might find new business opportunities that you can lean into.

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