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About us

Verama is a vendor-neutral competence-driven marketplace for contingent workforce buyers, suppliers and consultants. We connect top consulting firms with some of the biggest hiring companies, ensuring easy and fast cooperation.

Our story

Verama was founded as an easy-to-use vendor-neutral platform for contingent workforce buyers, suppliers and consultants. Growing at a rapid pace, the platform offers new assignments and consultant profiles on a daily basis, meeting the needs of all who sign up.

As part of the Ework Group, Verama is developed by professionals who understand all aspects of the market, making it a reliable platform to grow your business.

Vision and business idea

Our aim is to create a seamless competence market with lower barriers of entry and faster processes. We strive to fulfill professional dreams by bringing forth talent and making it easy to access independent work. By doing this, we contribute to a more dynamic and well-functioning market place with higher competitiveness and lower unemployment.

How Verama helps you

Verama makes it easy to connect consultants with companies needing talent.

Verama in numbers

Growing bigger every day.

22 100+

assignments published

43 100+

users registered

103 800+


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